Idea #3 : Yoga Cards - Play Cards

From time to time, we need to focus on ourselves and our feeling. It is especially important during hard time like these when you're working from home, and sport is a good way to (re)connect with your body and your mind. So of course, we want to make this playful and we’re excited to show how you can do it yourself with the help of playcards.

Why use Playcards:

  • They’re versatile, you can write or draw on it
  • Written objectives are more likely to be tackled
  • It makes preparation a memorable and creative moment

I love using YouTube to practice sport, especially Yoga with Adriene, and in this article I’m gonna show you how I use Play Cards to improve my focus.


For this activity, you will need:

  • Preparation time: 1 hour
  • Level of Difficulty: medium
  • Material needed: around 15 Play Cards of different colors (included in the Toolkit), pens, and a draft paper


Draft some poses

I have started by representing a few poses that I like or that are parts of my practices. I chose to represent poses that I find comfort in to begin. I started to think about words and color associations I could do with these poses to organize them on cards. 

From that first draft, I chose a few that I would represent with the colors green and yellow. I also thought about the routines that I do regularly and decided to use the color orange for routines.

Draft oy yoga poses


Use one card per pose

When you start building your cards, you need to assign each side to key elements to be coherent. This is how I decided to organize mines:

  • I use the Mango Side to draw the pose and write the name of the pose.
  • I use the Bubble Side to write 3 tips that I want to remember when I’m in that pose.

    Mango sides of my Yoga Cards


    You have plenty of space to write 3 tips in caps lock. When you will reproduce this exercise, make sure that you write tips that are meaningful to you. Doing this will help you create a new sense of appropriation to your practice.

    ➡ The process of making these cards and formalize your tips is as important -if not more- than how you will use the cards.

    Bubble Side of my Yoga Cards


    How to use them?

    The process of making these will already go a long way. Here are a few ways that I’m using them:

    • I put the cards in front of my yoga mat to build my own yoga sequences
    • I use the orange cards by reading them before my sequence and after, to reflect
    • They clearly are meditation tools in some ways and help me focus more


      I was inspired by the community making their own exercising routines with the Play Cards so I decided to do mines for Yoga, but you can adapt to whatever activity you want (music, cooking, sewing …) and for sure it will help with the practice and the creativity.

      Get your Play Cards Toolkit to build your own practices cards #DoItYourself
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