Erasable dices: starter pack
Erasable dices: starter pack

Erasable dices: starter pack

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 Erasable dices: Starter pack

The customisable pack contains:

- 3 Erasable dices with 3 different designs (10x10x10cm)
- 2 Maped pen of different colors (colors may vary)
- 1 microfiber cloth


About the dices

The dices are customisable, made from 100% recycled paper and laminated to make them erasable. You design your dice with words or drawings, and you're ready to play!

We designed them to be easy to assemble/disassemble. You can prepare them flat and them fold them to play.



Dices are playful, they create randomness, raise curiosity, facilitate interactions which makes things a lot more interesting! We create these dices to be a starter for any activity you want to play.
Some examples:

- icebreaker
- meeting animation
- brainstorming


Let's play

You need some inspiration? We got your back 💪

You can play with one dice: customize your faces with questions, or emotions, or topics and your ready!

You can play with several dices: this is a great way for combinatory ideation, story dices (words or image), creating games.

Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️


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