Erasable dices: Game of Streams edition
Erasable dices: Game of Streams edition

Erasable dices: Game of Streams edition

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Erasable dices: Game of Streams edition

The customisable pack contains:

- 3 Erasable dices with 3 designs (10x10x10cm)
- 12 Maped pens of different colors
- 2 repositionable stickers sheets
- 1 card idea / rules

- 1 microfiber cloth


About the dices

The dices are customisable, made from 100% recycled paper and laminated to make them erasable. You design your dice with words or drawings, and you're ready to play!



About Game of Streams

Game of Streams* is a creative and playful approach developed by Pierre DAL ZOTTO and based on Federico PIGNI research on digital data stream. You can learn more on the approach here.

This framework, that has been tested on students and in several companies, has proved its pedagogical effectiveness. It helps creating new ideas based on data flows. This is a playful way to generate valuable outputs and get a better understanding how users can be placed in the core of powered innovation.

You can download resources to print and play with the approach here, provided by the Digital Organization Society Chair and protected by Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 FR. 



About the repositionable stickers

These stickers are co-designed especially so you can enjoy Game of Streams.

They are repositionable which mean you have a lot of freedom and it's amazing:

Need to arrange your dices ? You can stick them on it Want to spice your dices ? You can unstick them and put them on another face. Prefer a blank dices instead ? You can unstick them and put them back on the sheet.


Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️




*Game of Streams is the property of Grenoble Ecole de Management.

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