Play Cards: the toolkit
Play Cards: the toolkit
Play Cards: the toolkit
Play Cards: the toolkit

Play Cards: the toolkit

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"Get inspired to customize your cards into playful activities!"

This toolkit is composed of:

- 98 customisable cards (74x105mm)
- 1 booklet of 7 exercises
- 3 sticker sheets
- 1 pen
- 1 linon bag



- 7 colors 🌈
- 14 cards of each colors
- 2 designs per color
- Rounded corners 😍

    About the cards

    Play Cards are colorful, durable and reversible.

    Yes, they're made from 100% recycled paper. Yes, you can write on both sides and we promise that your favorite pen won’t smudge.


    About the booklet 

    It's a booklet fully designed and illustrated by the Plush & Nuggets team.
    For you, we created 7 exercices with 3 level of difficulties. It's a great inspiration for getting started!


    About the sticker sheets 

    These 81 stickers will fit perfectly with your Play Cards and useful to reproduce the exercises of the booklet.
    Useful pictograms, unique potatoe guys illustration, high five stickers...



    We designed the Play Cards to look sharp at an affordable price, to appeal to all ages, and to work in both educational and professional environments.

    Let's play !

    These cards are 100% versatiles! We wants you to write or draw on them and play. You can use them for so many uses that it's unbelievable!

    Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️


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