The Pochettes Modules Pack
The Pochettes Modules Pack
The Pochettes Modules Pack

The Pochettes Modules Pack

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To be seriously creative, you need the right tools. Use this kit to empower users of your meeting rooms to create more interaction, facilitation and serious play.


This Pochette Module pack is composed of:

- 10 differents ready-to-play Modules, including templates, magnets and pens
- 1 erasables Playcards
- 3 erasables dices kits
- 2 timers
- 5 V-board with refill
- Erasable material: microfiber and spray

A total of 154 components!


- High quality: we work with local suppliers to source the most durable and qualitative materials
- Extensive pack: with one pack, there is all the material you need to equip a room! 🧩
- Versatile uses: you can do inclusion, brainstorming, retrospectives and so much more with this material 🚀


About the modules

This pack contains 10 differents modules:

 - Discovery Report
- Photolanguage
- In the shoes of
- In the manner of
- Before/After
- Ice breaker
- Scenario under constraints
- The potato courtyard
- Idea Sheet



We carefully curated and selected the right module so they are accessible and easy to use. Here are some examples of what you can easily do with them:

- Including participants or groups in some meeting, workshop, training, etc.
- Provide you frameworks for ideation and brainstorming
- Offer you multiples activities for conclusion, landing or retrospective


Check out our video on the Discovery Report, which is included in the pack:



That's not all!

There is more for you to discover in this Pochettes Modules Pack such as erasable and colorful Play Cards and erasable dices!

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Let's play !
Open this box of wonders, we cannot wait to see what will inspire you.

Cherry on the top: 10 accesses to the digital toolkit where you will find all the templates to reuse the modules and a cheat card about them

Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️


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